Welcome to UKgenius

Be spectacular - achieve the extraordinary

The mission of UKgenius to to facilitate and inspire the emergence of inate talent.

We do not believe that genius is a gift of the devine, we understand that genius is not, it becomes, "One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius” ( Simone de Beauvoir).   So via our unique learning programme, we offer an inclusive journey to extraordinary intellectual and creative power, intellect and talent and the means to exceptionally high intelligence.

The reason why UKgenius is so important is that in an ever increasingly competitive global market place, economics is a world where it pays to be inventive; because any innovation could be the difference between the best and the rest. This is particulaly true for young people, so UKgenius provides an exclusive route to knowledge, facilitating the highest possible academic achievement and is also campaigning for a new intellectual property system where young people and more seasoned inventors of all ages get the best possible support working in partnership with the UK Government.


The most important piece of equipment that any one of us has is between our ears, yes the human mind and to find the genius there, is to experience a whole new view of life. For the budding geniuses or inventors their creativity is crucial and our organisation is developing a system where this emergent talent can come togetgher with Universities and the UK Government to encourage innovation which is internationally exceptional.